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Company Registration in UK from India

The UK company formation procedure starts with registering your company with the companies house in England. The registration point varies as per the location of your company. Sometimes you will be registering in companies houses in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Follow the steps given below to register your company in the UK from India.So how do you register a company as a foreign national? First, you’ll need the following:

Company Name —  While fixing the company’s name make sure it is unique and doesn’t contain any obscene words

Business Address — You must have a UK address registered to your business. After finalising the name, the next step is to find an official address in the UK, this address will be published on all the online registers. The correspondence from company houses, HM revenue, and the customs department will contact this physical address.

As per law, this physical address has to be displayed on the company’s email, websites, letter pads, and other stationeries. If you don’t have access to a UK address, we can help you

Director Information — A UK company needs at least one director, although there can be more. Details of this individual need to be gathered and prepared. UK resident director is not mandatory,

Shareholders — If you are registering as a public trading company, you’ll need to issue shares when you start your business. To do this, you need at least one shareholder and all their details. This can be the director or a different individual.

Providing the Capital Statement – After providing all the basic information and documents you will have to provide the capital statement. This statement comprises all the details regarding the company shares and its valuation. Various rights enjoyed by the shareholders including voting rights, dividend rights, and capital rights, are discussed in detail in this document.

Registering the Person With Significant Control – To improve trust and transparency a person with significant control has to be registered during the incorporation of the company in the UK. It can be an individual or a legal entity who has the eligibility of share ownership, appointment of directors, voting rights and dictates major control over the company.

Documents of Formation and Opening a Bank Account — When registering a business, you need two sets of documents: a memorandum of association and articles of association. These documents are essentially agreements of responsibility by involved parties and arrangements on how the business should be run. The next step is to open your bank account. The bank account opening process in the United Kingdom is simple.

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